About Greg

After more than 40 years as a professional photographer, Greg Miller has amassed a portfolio of famous faces, incredible places and compelling images. And it all started with a couple of race cars.

“I was traveling up and down the California coast taking pictures of surfers and sunsets. I was also a race fan and started taking photos of Formula One race cars in action,” Greg says. “Once people saw my pictures, I started to get requests to shoot their cars. After a few short years, I realized photography was what I wanted to do.” To augment his natural creativity, Greg attended the Ohio Institute of Photography where he acquired the technical skills necessary to become a well-rounded professional. His studio is in the Short North Arts District in Columbus, Ohio.

“I have never worked for anyone,” Greg laughs. He started out on his own in 1978, continuing to shoot race cars and classic cars, and built his business from there. Today, Greg’s clients hire him to photograph a variety of events, products, people, buildings and more. From large corporate events to savory treats to business portraits to auto art, Greg’s versatility and skill are well-suited to whatever the space and venue require.

Greg has developed an uncanny ability to perfectly capture the personality of an individual in a photograph as well as communicate the spirit of a structure or the essence of a client’s project. “I don’t think I have a distinct style,” he says. “The client’s style is more important than trying to impose my own ‘signature’ look to the shot.”

Greg’s experience in dozens of industries gives him the edge in the market. Sizing up a job quickly, he’s able to calculate the lighting parameters, determine the composition and frame the shot, all while responding to the client’s goals for the shoot. Greg’s simple philosophy and commitment to client individuality have paid off. Word of mouth referrals remain the foundation of his thriving business today.

As the photography industry has evolved, so has Greg’s technical expertise. He offers state of the art digital capability allowing for a range of creative shots and immediate client review. “Although digital photography makes it easier for hobbyists to get good shots,” Greg says, “A professional photographer is critical for the really important work that can impact business. The ability to address lighting and composition issues along with problem solving are important assets that a professional photographer brings to the job.”

Greg launched his career capturing the power and speed of Formula One race cars on the California coast. He can bring your company’s story to life in the same way. If every picture tells a story, Greg Miller has told a million. He can help tell yours with impact and meaning.